A busy day Doncaster 2006


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A follow on to the 1999 and 2002 versions with a good selection of Locos both freight and passenger. Featuring 56302 in Fastline livery, Freightliner 66613 and 66621 on stone from the Peak District a rare visitor 57008 on a route learner, 60060 on oil, 60038 on steel, a yellow HST, 66119 on the Orient Express. Three different GBRF 66′,66711 on Gypsum, 66714 on a Freightliner, 66713 delivering a Virgin DVT to the works for ONE trains. 66612 on a scrap train. Plenty of GNER HS~ and Class 91s. Quality railway films on DVD start collecting Daves railway films running time approx 60 minutes.


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